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I'm just super awkward
Don't be BICH
"Your imperfections are what makes you, YOU, and at the end of the day, people like REAL people, flaws and ALL at least I do" - Camila Cabello


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how to treat fans by fifth harmony

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Video Game Challenge → [3/?] Friendships
✗ Clementine and Lee (The Walking Dead)

"What, uh, happened to him?"
"The same thing that happens to everyone. But he saved me, first. Lots of times."
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"your crush is coming in this way"
" what should i do?????"
"act normally"


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Oh man

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calum hood x camila cabello
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omg ur blog looks so good *o* CALUMMMMMMMM

Lol, thanks

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feldy67:My boys and my girl
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